January 2011

Ethical issues of e-research from a health perspective

by DAMES e-Health group: Nadine Dougall, Alison Dawson, Margaret Maxwell, Paul Lambert, Clare Leadbetter, Susan McCafferty, Patrick Clark, and Richard Sinnott

The growing potential of health informatics and the use of linked datasets offer opportunities for a new wave of health research which can track large numbers of individuals or populations across different datasets. However, such study designs exhibit substantial differences from the models of clinical trials which have informed previous narratives on research ethics. The [...]

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Inventing enlightened ways of relating to e-environments

by Ekaterina de Vries

Written by
Ekaterina de Vries, edevries@vub.ac.be
PhD at the Center for Law, Science, Technology & Society Studies (LSTS)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2 /1050 Brussel

To invent enlightened ways of relating to e-environments may mean playing on their actual affordances and constraints[1].
Relating to the new
The last decades a wide variety of e-environments (online and off line data [...]

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