ESRC Panel

Session: 45 – Wedneday 7th July PM (14.00 – 17.30)

Title: The ethical issues of e-research

Name: Annamaria Carusi, University of Oxford


E-social sciences are becoming increasingly entrenched as ways of carrying out social science. The computational methods of e-social science are not mere technical artefacts, but come with their own methodological and value assumptions. What are these assumptions? How can ethical reflection be incorporated into the methodologies of e-social science? What are the different ways of being ethical or manifesting ethical concerns that the e-social sciences open up? This session aims to provide an opportunity for discussion on these and related questions.

We are also launching an online debate ‘Towards an Ethics Manifesto in e-Research’.

Annamaria Carusi
Senior Research Associate
Oxford e-Research Centre
Presentation: Doing ethics differently
Lucas Introna
Professor of Organisation, Technology and Ethics
University of Lancaster
Presentation: Information Technology, Methods and Ethics: Locating the domain of ethics in e-social science
Ann Light
Communication and Computing Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University
Presentation: Cassandra’s Dilemma: what is the role of the social scientist in a world of digital innovation?
Anne Beaulieu
Senior Research Fellow
Virtual Knowledge Studio
Presentation: Why do we need a manifesto on ethics of e-research?

Panel Discussion: Drawing up a manifesto on ethics of e-research


Sabina Leonelli
University of Exeter

Kate O’Riordan
University of Sussex

Clifford Tatum
Virtual Knowledge Studio

Timothy Webmoor
University of Oxford Said Business School