Our next main activity will be the launch of a public debate about the ethics of doing e-research. Our question to participants in this debate is: What would you include in a Manifesto for Ethics in e-Research? We aim for a manifesto because this makes public a set of community held principles and intentions. In our view, it is urgent that researchers make their voices heard and enter into public debate about new possibilities and responsibilities in e-research. Through this manifesto and the discussions we hope it will provoke, researchers will be able to articulate their concerns and priorities as active stakeholders, rather than maintain in a reactive position with respect to regulatory bodies.

In the course of the session The ethical issues of e-research, the motivation for such a manifesto will be presented and a panel will debate on this topic.

This website will support further discussion about this project and will help shape the text of the manifesto. We plan to publish the manifesto in a high-visibility periodical, as a way to broaden the discussion and increase the visibility of researchers’ views on ethics of e-research.

Other manifestos

  • A Manifesto for an international association ARS INDUSTRIALIS for the promotion of an industrial politics of spirit [here].
  • A digital humanities manifesto [here].