Annamaria Carusi
Senior Research Associate
Oxford e-Research Centre

I study social and philosophical aspects of e-research across the disciplines, with particular interests in epistemology, trust and ethics.  A few of my publications that are relevant to the theme of e-research ethics are:

From data archive to ethical labyrinth. Qualitative Research 9, no. 3 (July 2009): 285-298. With Marina Jirotka

Implicit trust in the space of reasons and implications for design (critical response). Journal of Social Epistemology, vol 23, no 1 (2009) 25-43. [SSRN Version]

Trust and ethics in e-science: Report. (2008). With Marina Jirotka and Michael Parker.

Beyond Anonymity: Data as representation in e-research ethics. International Journal of Internet Research Ethics, vol 1, no 1 (2008), 37-65.

Power and agency in online reading. E-learning, vol 3, no 1 (2006)

Anne Beaulieu
Senior Research Fellow
Virtual Knowledge Studio
Clifford Tatum
Digital Scholarship Fellow
Virtual Knowledge Studio